What's this all about?

I recently decided to try myself in copywriting. I had thought about creating an online business before, and as I don’t have any specific qualifications, copywriting came up as a possibility. I just didn’t see how all the cheesy and pushy content could actually work, and I wasn’t keen on joining the hype. Then life got busy, and I didn’t dig in any deeper.

A couple of years later, life got extremely boring during the Covid-19 lock down. I discovered by chance that copywriting could be done in less direct and more subtle ways, so I decided to give it a go.

Once I felt ready after reading, watching and listening to a ton of resources on copywriting, I realised that I needed a portfolio. Otherwise no one would hire me. But how am I supposed to build a portfolio without any writing jobs? It's a vicious circle.

Fortunately, I happen to know someone who became a successful copywriter with no relevant prior experience. His name is John Bejakovic and he wrote a great book on how to get started on Upwork as an absolute beginner, based on his own experience. He also recommended some useful resources on the writing part. Plus his blog as it is gives plenty of insight into copywriting and marketing, too.

In fact, that’s where I got the idea to record my journey. In one of his posts, John came up with 10 marketing projects that could be completed in a week. Some of these projects involved writing, so I thought I could tailor them to my needs and use them as a tool to build a portfolio.

In this section, I will record these projects. In each post, I will describe the project, talk about the challenges I faced, the results and the pros & cons.

For now, all the projects have one goal: to get me to produce some pieces of writing I can put in my portfolio (and then to launch my first paying clients). Although, I do hope I can come up with more ideas and keep doing it even after this is all completed.

Now let's get cracking! You can read about my projects down below.

Project 1
Offering a piece of writing to businesses

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